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The Datsuns

Well, although this blog officially started off as a new technology, new media thinkpiece from a feminist perspective,it's morphed into a kind of 'whatever i'm doing and thinking' blog which is o.k. as thats what the beauty of the web is, right.
That it can change and evolve.
So, last Friday night we went to see The Datsuns at the San Francisco Bathhouse and it was a totally hot night, featuring the Dirt Bombs from Detroit as the support band.
Once again SFBH did it's thang and offered up a great venue for the punters and although most of them were slightly - well, a lot, younger than me....a great night was had by all....including the Dirt Bombs drummer who hung upside down at the end of the gig and kept drumming while the rest of the band body surfed into the crowd....
ahh yes...rock and roll will never die!.....