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Michael King: A Moment in Time

My documentary about Michael King has been accepted for this years International Film Festival: 'Michael King, a moment in time'. It has been 16 years in the making - from concept to final production it has been through most of the funding it has finally come to rest thanks to involvement of Executive Producer Glenis Giles with post-production funding from The NZ Film Commission. Thank you!

I returned to NZ from living overseas for several years at the end of 1990 with my son Samuel. This documentary began as a road trip from Auckland to Wellington to cover the 1991 Writers Week and combine it with a trip to see my brother Michael; poet, book shop proprietor and publisher. Mike had a shop with Brian Harold in the Octagon in Dunedin called O'Books: the Mother of All Potatoes! with an art gallery downstairs. The crew were friends; associate producer, Ana Foreman, her partner Kevin and 6 week old son Jack. It was shot by cameraman Rewa Harre with sound by D…

G3 Games Girls & Graphics Symposia

Hey there....
Well the latest event to be aware of, apart from another mini-Webstock on 19 June in Wellington is G3: Games, Girls & Graphics.... This is an event to encourage girls and women into the games, animation and computer graphics industry and follows on from the first GAmes & Girls Symposia we organised after FUSE, the first computer games conference held in Dunedin in 2004.

The three orgranisers, me, Mario ( and Frances of SHOKO have all been actively involved in creating dialogue across the computer games, academia and industry and players world over the last 8 years....or so. Sidhe Interactive just celebrated their 10th anniversary and more companies are fast moving up to be alongside them in scale and future direction.

G3 will profile women working across digital arts and design, illustration, animation, computer games design and production and technology innovation. It will be spontaneous, fun and targetted on the first…