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Helen Clark's valedictory speech

Well, Helen has finally signed off and good luck to her. The media still couldn't resist one last dig as Guyon Espiner worked up an Ice Queen headline to attract people to his's a pity they couldn't for once just honour this amazingly intelligent woman who has done so much to raise the profile of NZ internationally as well as be an incredible role model for women in this country.

She will do an excellent job at the U.N. although I'm sure it will be challenging for her to shift into a new mode of living.

Anyway, despite the misogyny and homophobia of the NZ media, she got to where she was heading and noone can ever take that away from her. I ordered a copy of the full video speech from the Parliamentary library for free... it is supposed to be on the government website but takes a week because of the Easter break!

Good luck and Kia Kaha Helen...we'll be watching....

Photo of Helen from The Dom Post...