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Farewell to Sr Paula - a radical nun

Sr Paula Brett-kelly died this week after a long struggle with cancer. She was an amazing woman and Catholic nun who devoted her life to service in the community. Sr Paula worked for the AIDS Foundation for several years and established the first Womens Support group for women affected by HIV/AIDS, initially this was women whose partners were diagnosed with HIV, or family members and friends. Over time it grew to include women also diagnosed with HIV and Sr Paula's love and affection spread throughout the queer community. She was actively involved in supporting the sex worker community and encouraged other churches to work together for the decriminilisation of the sex industry. She also worked closely with Tom O'Donoghue who established the People Living with HIV/AIDS Union.
Sr Paula spoke to many church and community groups to open peoples eyes and hearts to those living with HIV/AIDS and to accept family members from the queer community.
Her work lives on in the people…