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I spent the day at ANIMFX 08 today listening to amazing artists and technologists talking about everything from creating light within computer games to puppeteering for the feature film Waterhorse.

Local and international speakers sat together on panels discussing future trends in film, animation, sfx and games and the recurring theme was the effect of social networking, user generated content and new forms of digital cinema and distribution.

Last year I interviewed Warren Franklin, Producer and founder of Rainmaker Productions. He was also involved in the early days of animation and sfx at Industrial Light & Magic and worked with George Lucas for many years.

In the meantime its back out into the fray to party at the Sidhe Interactive party.

NZ On Screen goes live!

Well, it's finally happened. NZ On Screen has gone live today in preparation for a formal launch tomorrow. The site features short film, television and feature trailers to begin with, and more diverse content will follow. Check it out NZ On Screen, register and enjoy the show.

The project began at NZ On Air in late 2007 when Aileen O'Sullivan was asked to scope an online television project. She visited Australian Screen and wrote a report to the board. I got a contract at NZ On Air iln 2007 to develop their digital strategy and this project was one of the things to scope. I wrote a paper to the board and they were very into the whole idea. This was in addition to a broader digital strategy for NZ On Air which I worked on and this also resulted in the Digital Content Partnership Fund which was established.

The project really took off once the NZ On Air board okayed the budget and Brenda Leeuwenberg was contracted to manage the design and development of the site. We both lef…

Azalia Snail & Sandra Bell at Mighty Mighty

This week we were the basecamp for touring musos, Sandra Bell and Azalia Snail with drummer from The Vibraslaps, Dianne Civil. Both artists are signed with local record company Powertool Records. They were supported by the breathy solo voice of John White who later also played violin with Sandra and Azalia. The other support band was the eclectic showman, VORN.
Mighty Mighty
was the perfect venue for the night and it was the early hours of the morning that we finally made it home.

Farewell to Sr Paula - a radical nun

Sr Paula Brett-kelly died this week after a long struggle with cancer. She was an amazing woman and Catholic nun who devoted her life to service in the community. Sr Paula worked for the AIDS Foundation for several years and established the first Womens Support group for women affected by HIV/AIDS, initially this was women whose partners were diagnosed with HIV, or family members and friends. Over time it grew to include women also diagnosed with HIV and Sr Paula's love and affection spread throughout the queer community. She was actively involved in supporting the sex worker community and encouraged other churches to work together for the decriminilisation of the sex industry. She also worked closely with Tom O'Donoghue who established the People Living with HIV/AIDS Union.
Sr Paula spoke to many church and community groups to open peoples eyes and hearts to those living with HIV/AIDS and to accept family members from the queer community.
Her work lives on in the people…

Interview with Sima Urale

Last Monday I had the privilege of interviewing the lovely Sima Urale as part of the WIFT panel at the International Film Festival. It was a great night with Sima just pouring out stories left, right and centre. Her vivacious manner made interviewing her so easy and she really made filmmaking sound easy!
Her film, Apron Strings, opened the Ak Film Festival and screened across the country. This was Sima's first feature film, having already risen to fame with her short film, O Tamaiti and subsequent documentaries (Velvet Dreams) and short films (Coffee & Allah) amongst others.

It was a small but appreciative crowd and we moved on afterwards to a great dinner at CHOW - which was 2 for 1 night, so we had to wait a bit for a table but as always, the food was worth it!

Writing for New Media

I was invited to MC a panel in Auckland last week, Writing for New Media, by Simon at Script to Screen.

The panel was made up of interactive media producer, Bevin Linkhorn from Gibson Group , game designer, Maru Nihonioh of Metia Interactive. Ana Samways, of the blogosphere, SpareRoom and journalist and internet writer/raver Nigel Horrocks (whose day job is at The Herald).

It was a wild ride across new media design, production and devleopment and with a small but eager crowd, we covered a lot of ground in a couple of hours. These sessions are regular gigs organised by Script to Screen, in support of promoting debate and dialogue about the changing world of media and narrative.

Simon was a great host and took us all out for dinner, except for Maru who had to get home to her kids....but a great night was had by all. Thanks Script to Screen!

The Datsuns

Well, although this blog officially started off as a new technology, new media thinkpiece from a feminist perspective,it's morphed into a kind of 'whatever i'm doing and thinking' blog which is o.k. as thats what the beauty of the web is, right.
That it can change and evolve.
So, last Friday night we went to see The Datsuns at the San Francisco Bathhouse and it was a totally hot night, featuring the Dirt Bombs from Detroit as the support band.
Once again SFBH did it's thang and offered up a great venue for the punters and although most of them were slightly - well, a lot, younger than me....a great night was had by all....including the Dirt Bombs drummer who hung upside down at the end of the gig and kept drumming while the rest of the band body surfed into the crowd....
ahh yes...rock and roll will never die!.....

Happy New Year!

Well, no geek talk - just holidays, beaches, swimming and listening to music. Waiheke, Papamoa, Foxton Beach, Breaker Bay...bliss.

Back to work creating content for the NZ On Screen project - nothing there yet, but there will!

Hope you all out there had a great xmas and new year and look forward to touching base on the web or face to face out and about...enjoy 2008!

over and out...