NZ On Screen goes live!

Well, it's finally happened. NZ On Screen has gone live today in preparation for a formal launch tomorrow. The site features short film, television and feature trailers to begin with, and more diverse content will follow. Check it out NZ On Screen, register and enjoy the show.

The project began at NZ On Air in late 2007 when Aileen O'Sullivan was asked to scope an online television project. She visited Australian Screen and wrote a report to the board. I got a contract at NZ On Air iln 2007 to develop their digital strategy and this project was one of the things to scope. I wrote a paper to the board and they were very into the whole idea. This was in addition to a broader digital strategy for NZ On Air which I worked on and this also resulted in the Digital Content Partnership Fund which was established.

The project really took off once the NZ On Air board okayed the budget and Brenda Leeuwenberg was contracted to manage the design and development of the site. We both left NZ On Air when an independent trust was established, The NZ On Screen Trust; Brenda became Manager and I have been the Content Director.

The design of the website has been beautifully realised by Chrometoaster and the back-end by

Now a whole team of specialists in different fields, from content coordination, rights management, writing and editing and editors of the actual footage all contribute to make NZ On Screen what it is today.

People have come and gone over the last year and a half and all have made an impact on the successful design and development of the project.

Now I'm heading off to do my PhD but will continue to produce ScreenTalk for the site, interviewing a variety of people from actors and directors to writers and crew people. So, check out the site and enjoy.....


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