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Happy Poetry Day! In Your Eyes

In your eyes
I see a light producing laughter
In your eyes
I see the world in a haze

Your eyes - go deep within me
Your eyes - touch my heart!

In your eyes
the lights shines brightly
In your eyes
The words are left unsaid

[Lyrices by Clare O'Leary from Vibraslaps Live album, 1985, produced by Flying Nun]

The Benevolent Creator

O.k. so i succumbed to a personality test that Brenda sent me.
That means, I'm a Benevolent Creator folks.

G3 Games Girls & Graphics Symposia

The G3 event attracted over 100 people on both days in Auckland at the Town Hall. Expat kiwi, Andrew Flavell presented the best of next gen. games that the Microsoft Games Studio is working on and about to launch. He runs the studio in Tokyo and listened to many of the game developers presentations throughout the event - not to mention the afterparty on Friday where VJettes projected images on two walls and Vicki from Upstage did her cyberformance with Helen linked to the MEdiaplex at the Film Archive in Wellington.

Other presenters included Frances and organiser extraordinaire of the G3 event. Frances Valintine established SHOKO in 2006. Check the interactive walls, floors and experiences they have to offer at Frances has also been an active member of NZGDA and is the current Chair.

Mario Wynands, GM of Sidhe Interactive now has a studio of over 70 people in Wellington. He gave an update of where the games industry is at in…

Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network

A week of geeks, digerati and inspiring presentations and ideas for collaboration across the global network that is KAREN. Only recently 'lit up' in New Zealand we finally have an uber fast pipe for the research and education community to partner with international researchers on projects relevant to our own research and education contexts.

It's an exciting time but needs a great communication strategy so that people out there know what it is, what it can and can't do and how to really make it work for individuals, projects and organisations across New Zealand.

The first challenge is to engage and 'show up' on the KAREN network and to start talking about it outside the IT world....

Work locally and globally with the KAREN network.

Some very cool stuff happening on the horizon..

see presentaions by Laurin Herr, Rick Stevens, early internet entrepreneurs....