G3 Games Girls & Graphics Symposia

The G3 event attracted over 100 people on both days in Auckland at the Town Hall. Expat kiwi, Andrew Flavell presented the best of next gen. games that the Microsoft Games Studio is working on and about to launch. He runs the studio in Tokyo and listened to many of the game developers presentations throughout the event - not to mention the afterparty on Friday where VJettes projected images on two walls and Vicki from Upstage did her cyberformance with Helen linked to the MEdiaplex at the Film Archive in Wellington. www.upstage.net.nz

Other presenters included Frances and organiser extraordinaire of the G3 event. Frances Valintine established SHOKO in 2006. Check the interactive walls, floors and experiences they have to offer at www.shoko.co.nz Frances has also been an active member of NZGDA and is the current Chair.

Mario Wynands, GM of Sidhe Interactive now has a studio of over 70 people in Wellington. He gave an update of where the games industry is at in NZ and forecast for the future. Their biggest challenge is talent, along with most IT/digital companies in NZ. www.sidhe.co.nz

Game developers for other platforms presented - Dan Millward from www.instinct.co.nz
Joseph white, mobile games devleoper www.lexaloffle.co.nz

Emily Loughnan from Wellington interactive studio, Clicksuite www.clicksuite.co.nz and Gillian Vosper, from Chrometoaster www.chrometoaster.co.nz

Other presenters can be found on the G3 programme - to follow up. Some of the presentations will be on the www.nzgda.com website in the coming days...

Check it out - consider games as part of your new online marketing, television/film project and web/interactive installations. Games can be designed for entertainment, education and the dissemination of information.

In particular, more girls and women need to consider this as a career option. So check out www.womeningames.com and www.gamegirladvance.com for more info ...

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