Michael King: A Moment in Time

My documentary about Michael King has been accepted for this years International Film Festival: 'Michael King, a moment in time'. It has been 16 years in the making - from concept to final production it has been through most of the funding agencies...now it has finally come to rest thanks to involvement of Executive Producer Glenis Giles with post-production funding from The NZ Film Commission. Thank you!

I returned to NZ from living overseas for several years at the end of 1990 with my son Samuel. This documentary began as a road trip from Auckland to Wellington to cover the 1991 Writers Week and combine it with a trip to see my brother Michael; poet, book shop proprietor and publisher. Mike had a shop with Brian Harold in the Octagon in Dunedin called O'Books: the Mother of All Potatoes! with an art gallery downstairs. The crew were friends; associate producer, Ana Foreman, her partner Kevin and 6 week old son Jack. It was shot by cameraman Rewa Harre with sound by Dianne Civil and Kevin Barton.

Michael King: A Moment in Time screents at the Telecom 36th Wellington Film Festival
Film Archive – Thursday 26 July at 12.15 pm
Film Archive – Thursday 26 July at 1.30 pm

As part of Uncovering Icons
Telecom 39th Auckland International Film Festival
Academy – Saturday 21 July at 1.00 pm
Academy – Sunday 22 July at 11.00 am
See you there!


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