the interactive narrative

so, i've been thinking about the interactive narrative idea and today i was researching a paper for the animation journal, a peer reviewed journal in the U.S. ...i am writing a paper on the nz games industry history and i came across an article on the Hollywood Reporter about peter jacksons announcement of the Weta Interactive Studios deal with Microsoft Games Studio...that was September 06 and since then HALO the film has been on hold after initial excitement in nz over its presence....wonder where its at now...but this is what pj had to say at the time in Barcelona...." "My vision, together with Microsoft Game Studios, is to push the boundaries of game development and the future of interactive entertainment. From a moviemaker's point of view, it is clear to me that the Xbox 360 platform is the stage where storytellers can work their craft in the same way they do today with movies and books but taking it further with interactivity." Peter Jackson, September 06

I hope thats still the regards to other writers on interactive narrative, one of my most favourite is Glorianna Davenport, who heads up the Interactive Cinema faculty at the MIT media lab...doyens of innovation in media and new forms, digital and cultural... check her out at search Glorianna Davenport and you will find not only her but a whole community of researchers dedicated to digital worlds and culture....

an expat kiwi, Dr Barry Vercoe, was actually a founding member of MIT's Media Lab - he's still the Professor of Music at MIT and has been to NZ several times...we should embrace him more...he comes from Paeroa! and is part of the $100 laptop scheme Negroponte is developing...the scheme was recently profiled on the kim hill show...Radio NZ, National...'Sounds like us'... a little too often methinks....anyway - heres' his homepage

connect with him..he's been back a few times but we should get him back again connection with ...

also see mark billinghursts innovative research lab in chch...


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