The Great Blend - the digerati

Russell invited me to participate in The Great blend last night and I had great raves with people. russell brown does it again - bringing people together to talk about all things digital. We started the night off with a virtual haka courtesy of local Wellington games company, Sidhe Interactive. (thanks mario!) they worked with local iwi and a Maori adviser throughout the whole project to develop a true to life version of the haka inside the NRL game for PS2. It was a world first i reckon.
then mr brown, blogstar from Sinapore, wowed the crowd with his life as a blogger/commentator in the constraints of Singapores political climate - makes you realise how free we are in nz to say what we often forgotten privilege. Mr Browns final digital story from his wife was a beautiful poetic gift.
The crowd got rowdy in the bar before the panel of new media aficionados...the new GM Content & Interactive at TVNZ, Tom Cotter eloquently outlined thier new strategy - decorporatisation of TVNZ was high on the agenda.
William Cooper (who did a fab presentation at the New futures conference) talked about working to develop the new media strategy at the BBC...
Mark Cubey brought nz music to the fore when he took on the Kim Hill show and now he's driving the web strategy too.
Russell wrangled the outspoken digerati with ease and we're glad to have him on board the newly announced NZ On Screen Trust - which i talked a little about part of nzonairs digital strategy. also, minister maharey announced that amendments to the legislation to broaden the definition of broadcasting. these things take time but hopefully ministers will realise it must be passed to allow us to truly embrace the digital future.
I had a great time and i hope the crowd did too...looking forward to the different audience in auckland tomorrow night - so hope to see y'all there. I'm off to lie around at Muriwai beach ....a far cry from the digital life...

ciao ciao


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