KAREN - Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network

So, ships have girls names, the Mothership is a feminine name of sorts, now we have KAREN, giving birth to an amazing resource connecting NZ to the world through the Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network. (thats enough femme metaphors for now!)

An upcoming event should be a great way to see it working in action. You can participate at one of the access grids already set up to encourage collaboration across the research and education networks and hear PRofessor Marcus du Sautoy, voted one of the top 40 minds of the U.K. as he espouses on the glory and beauty not to mention value of prime numbers...recently interviewed by Kim Hil if i'm not mistaken...

so check it out at www.karen.org.nz
or his personal very cool website at http://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/~dusautoy/flash/flashindex.htm

happy counting, viewing and experiencing...


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